Saturday, February 14, 2009

Greatest Moments In WoW

So today is the holiday where couples get all warm and cozy and spend a special day together. It got me thinking about the special times that I have had the pleasure of spending with my wife in WoW. So here are the top five moments for me and my baby!

1. When she created her very first toon!

I was a bit surprised when my wife first declared she wanted to play the game. She had spent so much time laughing and poking fun of me for playing it that I expected some sort of joke. I soon found there was no joke when Eus set foot into the World of Warcraft and began her first steps learning how to be a Paladin.

2. The first time she cleared a heroic without me!

I know it seems funny, but the first heroic she cleared was Mech. She never liked to run without me, but for some reason that night I was not able to run and she decided to brave that instance on her own. Naturally I sat here watching her and trying to contain myself and not tell her what to do or how to play. When she downed Patheleon I was so proud of her because she did it on her own. Way to go babe!

3. Dancing naked in the Ghostlands!

Yes, one night we were bored and I had asked her to come help one of my alts on a couple simple quests. After the quests were over, we really had nothing to do, so I stripped down my Orc Warrior and began to dance. Soon enough she joined me. Was one of the funniest moments we had and yet somehow we managed to recruit a member from that escapade!

4. During Hollow's End, jumping as a cat!

This one did not so much involve me as did her. She was running around gathering trick or treats and stopped in UC to get the one from there. She went to the inn keeper and got tricked into a cat. She ran around making cat sounds and for some reason decided to jump from the top level down to the bottom making a cat sound. For some reason it just tore me up seeing this little cat go diving down and the sounds she was making was icing on the cake so to speak. So funny!

5. The first time we cleared Kara together!

Yes, I know we have had a few funny moments, but one of the best moments that me so proud of her, was the clearing of Kara. She worked hard to make it to that point in the game and she worked hard to become a great healer. If only everyone who played put in as much time and dedication to developing their characters we would be overrun with great players. Okay I am biased, but wouldn't you be?

So how about you all? Anyone else play with a signifigant other and have some fond memories of it?

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