Friday, February 13, 2009

Designer For A Day

I was sitting here tonight rather bored and thinking about all the things that have aggrevated me over the last few days, both in the game of WoW and also in everyday life. Well, there is really not much that I can do about either, but it made me ask myself, if I was the head designer for WoW, and I could do anything I wanted to the game, what would be the one thing that I would I change about the current state of the game?

So without further waiting here is my number one priority that I would do to WoW! I would take a long hard look at the original World of Warcraft content and I would do some serious tweaking. How would I tweak it? I would make heroic versions of all of the old world raids. It would require some work to bring these raids up to par, but I would not change the number of characters it would require. So if you go to run an old world 40 man raid, then you better have 39 well geared members. I would add some special gear into the raids to make it worth all classes to run the content. Perhaps a whole new tier level of gear or even an alternate version of gear. I would allow there to be emblems used in the zones as well. The big difference is that I would require exalted reputation with the zones original factions. So if you want to run ZG, then you better get to farming those tokens for that reputation.

In the end it would accomplish being able to add additional content into the game with minimal work and raising the use of those old world zones. Also at the same time, I would make sure that the time table for releases of these zones would be scattered between other brand new content so that there was a mixture of things to do. At the current state, a lot of people pass up these old world raids or do not run them until there is no challenge. I think it would be great to run MC at a heroic level for 80s.

I would even consider looking at adding another level of difficulty, perhaps legendary level dungeons? What is that? Well, why not go back and create a new level of difficulty, beyond that of heroic! Make this level available for all dungeons. Imagine SM on a level that top geared guilds had a difficult time running! That would secure the hardcore segment got their challenge. The casual raiders could continue the game at their current pace and the in-between players would be able to more than likely run heroic level instances and raids.

How about you? If you could change or design one thing for WoW, what would it be?


Fish said...

I'd limit world PVP to very specific areas so that even on PvP servers you could quest without worrying about being ganked.

Ruhtra said...

@ Fish
That is the one major improvement you would initiate? Not to sound too harsh, but those are called PVE servers...... :/