Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Useless Facts About Ruhtra

Alright, so while reading the many blogs out there, I came across this one from Doofy. I am not a huge fan of Facebook or Myspace, but because I do enjoy reading Doofy's blog I figured I would go ahead and continue his 25 useless facts. So without any further wait here is the 25 useless facts for Ruhtra (the person, not the character):

  1. Ruhtra originally started out as a Dwarf on the Daggerspine server. I decided to start playing and did not want to tell my friends from work until after I felt like I had gotten a feel for WoW and would know if I liked the game or not. At level 25 I informed them of my selection. When they finished laughing and told me they were Horde I quietly walked away. At level 29 I deleted that poor little Dwarf and since the launch of BC had occurred I rerolled Ruhtra as a Blood Elf Paladin.
  2. Ruhtra has 20 brothers and sisters on the same server and no I cannot remember all of their names without cheating and looking. (That equals three accounts if you didn't get that one.)
  3. When my wife started playing I treated her worse than I would an alli in Orgrimar. She put up with my lack of help and somehow managed to learn how to play the game.
  4. I have started two guilds on the same server. One as a joke (Mass Affluent Slayers), the other for cheap storage space (First Bank of Silvermoon).
  5. I secretly had a Dwarf Hunter on another server in my same battlegroup. I originally wanted to play on a PVP server as an alliance character. I selected the server in hopes of running into fellow guild mates in battlegrounds where I would be able to kill their toons. In a sad decision, I deleted my poor little Dwarf.
  6. Dwarfs have bad luck with me.
  7. I still want a Dwarf character, but hate to play alone. I have gotten use to running with my friends and wife.
  8. I hate all gnomes, not for the usual reasons, but while leveling in Stranglethorn Vale, I was camped mercilessly by a gnome warlock and rogue for over a week. Since that day, I have made it a personal goal for Ruhtra to kill all gnomes.
  9. Ruhtra's first and favorite arena partner was a Tauren hunter named Bigdog.
  10. I cannot handle playing on a PVE server. When something goes wrong and I am mad, it is impossible to find anyone to fight. When I am in a good mood and just want to quest or level, everyone annoys me with duel challenges.
  11. I originally hated the PVP server.
  12. I will not play on anything other than a PVP server.
  13. Ruhtra did not go the Northrend to quest until after reaching level 77.
  14. I refuse to use a haste build on Ruhtra. I have stuck with the tried and true MP5 and crit build. (Which has caused me to not give a rat's ass about the nerf to Devine Plea)
  15. I dispise those who get onto trade channel and spam about joining their guild.
  16. I hate hearing people complain about getting killed by an alli while playing on a PVP server.
  17. I have never left Ruhtra laying dead in a battlefield. This has led to many deaths on a "tactical retreat"
  18. I have led a train of 20 allies chasing Ruhtra through 5 zones all because of a "minor" misunderstanding. :)
  19. I hate that Ruhtra is a healer.
  20. I will not change Ruhtra to do anything else, since he is quite good at what he does.
  21. Tarren Mill/South Shore is my favorite place to go stir up trouble.
  22. I still avoid Stranglethorn Vale to this day.
  23. My first 70 was not Ruhtra, but a Shaman named Walani.
  24. Walani has been retired as he is on my wife's account.
  25. I secretly dream of bringing back Shaman tanks. (That is for the old school players.)
So there we have it, my list of 25 useless facts. Hope you enjoyed and perhaps got a laugh.

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