Monday, January 19, 2009

Know Thy Friends (Warlock Edition)

Alright, the last class to take a look at. The Warlock is one of my favorite classes. The second character I leveled to 70 and played with in arena was my Warlock. It was hard for me to come to the realization that Blizzard has turned their backs on the Warlocks of the world. In the expansion all reports and personal experiences have shown that right now in their current state, Warlocks rank at the bottom of DPS. That is painful to hear, but it has not stopped me from making plans to level my own Warlock, but what it has done is forced me to take a dim view of the current state of this class.

When looking soley at group dynamics for my Paladin to heal, I currently view the Warlock class as being gimped and not worth having in a group. Sure they offer some CC, but it is my experience that they have one of the weaker CC (the Succubus) and banish is only useful against demons. Sure they were great in BC and I loved grouping with them, but they have shown nothing but misery to me in the expansion. Hopefully Blizzard will work on correcting this issue and at least put them on a level field for DPS at least. There is no mistaking that, while I love the class, they are currently a liability to a group (unless you are an OP group).

As for blessings for Warlocks, it is pretty straight forward that I go with GBoW to help with their mana regeneration. I pretty much hold back on healing all caster classes, so the heals are kept to a minumum unless things have broken down, in which case the Warlock is usually dead already.

I know this is a shorter post than the others, but with the limitted DPS and weak CC, there is really not much to say. I hope Blizzard will balance this class out and at least give them a shot to compete on the DPS level. Only time will tell.

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