Saturday, January 17, 2009

Know Thy Friends (Priest Edition)

Alright, back on track and continuing my thoughts on the different classes who are not the most preferred to be in my group. This brings me to Priests. I will admit that priests are probably the single best healer in the game when played well; however, when they are not healing, I do not think they deserve a spot in a group, unless there is just a short supply of DPS/CC available. I know that many people are already disagreeing with me, but you will see once more that the reasoning behind my feelings to be sound.

So let's look at a Priest a little closer. What is the first thing you think of when you saw this was about Priests? Healing. That pretty much says it all. There is no need for two healers in a group and if my Paladin is healing, then why would a group need a second healer? They do decent damage? What class are we comparing their damage output to? Warlocks? We all know that Warlocks are not up to par right now as a whole. Let's compare them against the other members of the group that I would have in place of a Priest. So do we replace the Rogue with a Priest? Well, we gain some buffs that would be nice right? Well, yes, the buffs would be nice, but we lose the higher DPS and reliable CC and gain a few buffs and a very limitted CC. To me that does not really equal out. Should we replace the Hunter with the Priest? Perhaps of the group, the Hunter would be a good target, but then again the damage that Hunters are currently putting out is topping most DPS lists and they have several different forms of CC available. Once again I cannot justify removing the Hunter for a Priest. So, what about the Mage? I am not even going there. Simply put a Priest who is not healing is not worth placing in a group. Again, there are always exceptions and there are some really good priests, but I think Priests are best suited for healing and with this article focusing on the group that my holy Paladin would run with, a holy Priest would not fit very well.

Another detractor to me wanting to take a Priest is for some reason every Priest I run with who does not heal ends up pulling agro and dieing. Then they rez and complain about their death. We rinse and repeat. It is just not worth the frustration of having someone constantly complaining in the group.

If I do run with a Priest, there is no doubt that they get GBoW. I ignore the ones who ask for anything else, and believe me there are those who want GBoK. As for healing goes, I treat a Priest like any other caster class, the heals are very limitted as I believe they must have a way to control their agro and not pull it from a tank. I still stand by my Rules to Live By post.

In closing, I feel Priest are bar none the top healing class in the game currently. With a great tank, they will not be easily topped when the player has skills. In contrast, as a DPS/CC, there is not much to be desired. They offer minimal DPS and their CC is very limitted. Unfortunately for a five man group with a holy Paladin, there is just not enough positives to justify them taking another position that could be filled by a class that has much more to offer.

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