Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Know Thy Friends (Death Knight Edition)

Well, I had to get to Death Knights sooner or later. I decided sooner rather than later. I just want to get this post out of the way to be honest. It is no secret to anyone who knows me so I might as well share with the blogsphere as well. I dislike Death Knights. I think they are going to lead to WoW becoming very, very, very, very simplistic. I think we are starting to see this even now as we speak, but I digress as this is a topic for another blog at a later date. Back on topic with the Death Knight.

My main reservation right now with Death Knights as a class is that every one that I have had the pleasure (or pain) of running with, has been utterly horrible. I truly do avoid this class if at all possible. As a whole, they definitely have the ability to be strong tanks and can unload fearsome levels of damage. This should make them one of the most sought after classes for my traditional mind set of thinking you would think. You would be thinking wrong. I do think there is tremendous upside to the Death Knight and in a year or so from now, I can see myself retracting my statement and issuing an apology; however, that is a year or so from now.

My big issue with Death Knights is their lack of skill and thought that they do not need to have skills. I have run countless instances with them and they are all ran the same, chaotic and no regard for anyone else in group. Apparantly the thinking behind a Death Knight is charge into battle, cast every single thing at your disposal and cut down the enemy. Then yell at any non-Death Knights for standing there wondering what in the world is going on. I am not kidding and I am as serious as a heart attack. I am sure somewhere out there in some remote corner of WoW, there is a Death Knight with skill who understands working with a group and is learning to set a rotation for DPS or tanking, but at this time, it seems there are few.

I watched a few days ago, when I agreed to help a friend through a low level instance (BF), as a Death Knight (a friend of his, that I did not know) litterally died, because at 80, they can obviously take on every mob in BF alone. I was all too happy to let the player run ahead and not wait for their friend to regenerate health. The thing that amazed me is that this player did not do it once, but kept doing it. Apparantly, they felt it was fun to have huge repair bills and continue to display their lack of skill. It actually took longer to run that instance than if it had been a low level group running it for the first time. I could let it go, but this is the type of play I see from every Death Knight I have ran with. There are a couple members of our guild who are working on Death Knights and I only hope that they do not fall prey to this crazed, throw all caution to the wind method of playing. Only time will tell.

As far as healing a Death Knight goes, who knows? I am not kidding, if they slowed down and ran similar to a rogue, then BoL could be a great spell for them. The buff that most have asked for is GBoM, which I do see some logic in that as it does improve their melee DPS numbers. As there have been limited runs with Death Knights, I will revisit this topic at a later date. It will be interesting in a years time to see how viable a class the Death Knight is.

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