Sunday, January 18, 2009

Know They Friends (Shaman Edition)

Okay, so we are moving on in my thoughts on other classes and why or why not I want to group with them. Again, I just want to say that this series is an opinion based piece. I have come to these conclusions after having spent quite some time playing WoW as both a PVP and PVE holy Paladin. The next class I would like to take a look at is the Shaman.

I personally enjoy playing a Shaman. I have one sitting at 70. The problem I have with the Shaman is that they really do not distinquish theirself enough to get into a group. They have good heals, but when you think healer the Shaman is usually not the first healing class to pop into your heads. This is really a shame because they have some pretty versatile healing abilities. I guess that would be a subject for another post.

So when looking at a group that has the healer established as a holy Paladin, that pretty much means the Shaman's healing is not required. This means we must compare them to the DPS/CC classes of the group. The major draw back for this is going to be the lack of the CC. The damage that a well geared and knowledgable Shaman can put out is adequate, but typically not chart topping. So this simply means that to put the Shaman in, you lose considerable firepower and CC. What sense would that make? Sure we can look at the buffs and totems that the Shaman can bring, and those things are definitely great. The totems alone could offset the lower damage numbers, but it is the CC in my opinion that matters most. If you have not figured this out at this point and time, I pretty much failed at presenting my idea group.

I will admit that if one of the other classes are not available, I will gladly take a Shaman in a group with me. As for the buff of choice for the Shaman, I will typically give GBoW to them. They are heavy mana users and very dependant on the mana for being able to put out the damage, so naturally the blessing that will improve their MP5 is the one of choice. When it comes to the healing aspect of grouping with a Shaman, I treat them as any caster DPS and heals are used only in the most dire of circumstances.

All and all the Shaman is a good class and the only downside to having one in a group with me is the lack of CC. If they ever get some CC, I would really have to reevaluate the concept of my preferred group.

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