Friday, January 23, 2009

Holy Paladin 101 Statistics (Lesson 2)

Alright, yesterday was somewhat of an easy post. We all know that the cornerstone for every caster is going to be their mana pull which is directly tied to intellect. I want to take a look at what I consider the second statistic of importance for a holy Paladin which is spell power. You can stack all types of stats onto your Paladin, which is half the fun of the class, but to be a serious holy Paladin, spell power is what makes you tick. It is as basic of a concept as the intellect. The higher the spell power, the higher your holy spells will go. Another simple stat, but without this one, you are worthless. The danger it appears currently, is to find the right amount of spell power.

When you start the game, you will not find a lot of spell power mail gear. It is not so much a concern. As you level you will find more and more spell power mail and plate gear. Make sure and pick it up. It is ,once you hit the mid (I suppose the mid just keeps growing with each expansion) levels, that the spell power will become important. I know this is yet a basic thought, but I cannot believe how many holy Paladins I have seen who will neglect spell power gear in favor of other stats. I will typically make the assumption that they are either new or collecting an off spec set. A true story, I did one time at 70, go into heroic Hellfire Ramparts on my hunter. The group was solid. I always inspect people as soon as I get near enough. I was pleased with what I found until I got to the holy Paladin, who for some reason thought that having high amounts of stamina was as important as the intellect. The Paladin also was lacking in the spell power area. Needless to say this group fell apart, but not from lack of effort. The Paladin tried his hardest to muddle through. He spammed Flash of Light after Flash of Light, all to no avail. My point here is that we must stay focused on our build as we go. The higher you get the more important it is to look for the gear with the proper stats built onto it.

Again, when we look at the application of spell power to your gear, it is a necessity, regardless if your goal is PVE or PVP. No discussion on this subject. Anything else will simply result in wasting your time and ruining the reputation of a great class.

So in closing out todays lesson, we have now added that along with intellect we need spell power. The huge pool of mana will mean nothing if we do not have an appropriate level of spell power to match it. In the next lesson, we will continue to focus on the statistic subject and move to the third stat that is going to make your life so much better as a holy Paladin.

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