Thursday, January 22, 2009

Holy Paladin 101 Statistics (Lesson 1)

Alright, so we are going to look at several stats over the next few days that are going to be useful to you as you level your holy Paladin. As this is an ongoing series we will take each stat and review it as to how it will apply to the holy Paladin in PVE, PVP (both battleground and arena).

The very first stat that we will take a look at is going to be intellect. Yes, I do realize that this is pretty much a given considering it is the basis for all casters, including the holy Paladin. The more intellect you have the better off you are. At the lowest levels you will find plenty of mail/plate that has intellect. The trick is going to be at the higher levels where there are multiple stats on items. It will be imperative that you find the best plate gear with intellect that does not have pointless stats on it. (Do not worry, we will discuss the stats which are useless to holy Paladins.) As you hit the Wrath expansion, plate gear with true holy Paladin stats seems to be scarce. I would suggest looking at mail and even some leather gear that may drop random or that can be obtained from quests. The meat of the gear will be found in the instances or from crafters. As we progress farther into reviewing stats this will make more sense.

As far as the application of intellect for PVE and PVP, more is better!

I know that this is all pretty basic information, but remember we must first establish the basics and then we can get into the more fun aspects of being a holy Paladin. Tomorrow we will take a look at the second statistic that is going to be imparative, and I promise it will be somewhat more indepth (if that is possible for the basics).


thedoctor said...

I just read a handful of your post and I completely agree with you on how people dont seem to know the basics. Blows my mind sometimes..

Ruhtra said...

@ thedoctor

It is disheartening sometimes when you see a lot of people who may not know the basics or just choose to ignore them.

Part of the reason I started this series is to throw out some basic information in hopes that people who want to learn how to play the holy Paladin class may get some ideas on what has worked.

I hate to info dump, but it is encouraging to know I am not the only person who has noticed this new trend.