Saturday, January 31, 2009

Code Red

Alright, so while reading Fish's post on not enjoying the PVP server, I told him if he had troubles declare a Code Red. What is a Code Red? Great question, let me explain it to you. My wife (who sometimes reminds me of Fish or vice-versa, seeings as I knew her first) dispises getting ganked. She too dislikes when she is minding her own business and gets killed for no reason other than being in a contested zone where people who are much higher have nothing better to do than grief. On that note, it does not bother me as I accept it is part of the game and enjoy the challenge of a tactical withdraw or good old fashion war. At any rate, a while back she got so mad that she yelled Code Red and a bunch of us logged to our mains, basically because some were bored while others enjoy any reason to unleash hell on the Alliance, and rode to Tarren Mill. It always seems to go back there. Ever since that occurred, the guild operates on if a Code Red is declared that this person has hit the breaking point and the situation must be dealt with. At current, only my wife declares a Code Red, but all petitions for this are routed to her. We do not use this often, but when we do, we unleash from the guild and usually get worked into a frenzy where we do not stop until we feel justice has been served.

So what constitutes a Code Red? Another great question. I love PVP and honestly if someone comes into the guild and complains about being killed by a big old mean Alliance player, I will usually ignore them and refer them to the guild rules which lets all members know that we are on a PVP server and it is expected that they will have issues. So simply getting killed while questing is not enough of a reason to declare a Code Red. The two things that makes me think of a Code Red are as follows:

Corpse Camping

I truly do not get the joy of corpse camping. It will usually only occurr when there are signifigantly superior numbers or when someone is 20 levels above the character they are killing. My reason for disliking the corpse camping community is that it does not take skill. It does not take knowledge. It pretty much just requires someone who is either really bored or unable to do content at their current level. My recemmendation for those individuals would be to go to battleground or join an arena team, that will allow you to develop skill and also earn you something for your time. I have noticed in my time of playing that this crowd of people usually tend to be fresh to the level cap and horribly geared. I know this because I always look folks up in the armory. I am always curious about gear and experience. At any rate corpse camping is the first reason for a Code Red.

Holding a Town Hostage

This one is not so much a reason that I detest, but more of the fact that I love World PVP and I feel when groups attack towns they are wanting a fight. So I give credit to those groups who do it for the right reason and I have no problem with you mowing down my lowbies and guildies so long as you can handle what happens in retaliation.

Now there are different responses for a Code Red. For instance if you are a corpse camper, you might as well decide to log onto an alt, because it will be a while before you get a chance to play this toon again. I am a firm believe in the "Eye for an Eye" mentality. While I do not condone or promote corpse camping, if you are found guilty of doing this, then the best punishment is to be camped yourself. As a guild, we taught a lesson to a particular Death Knight a few nights ago who had not only corpse camped, but was a repeat offender. It was brutal for this individual and his corpse was still laying in the zone two days after the incident. Again, this was a punishment dealt out for an individual who was a repeat offender.

For the World PVP Code Red, we simply go on a run till we get bored. We do not typically stay in the same zone, if it seems there is no counter response we will move on to the next city until we find a sufficient response. Sometimes, it will end in the same zone and we will gain new respect for the Alliance members who show up, other times we will move on. The other night, we were called to Tarren Mill (first for corpse camping, then for the Alliance taking over Tarren Mill. Have to love the multiple Code Reds.) to assist. We retaliated by taking South Shore. No response was shown so we moved to Refuge Point. Then Menethil Harbor. Needless to say, it was a rough night. So with nothing else to do and wanting to have some action we went to Honors Hold in Hellfire.

Needless to say we did take out the commander and found some great competition. We held the keep for a while, but with the time of night we decided to leave. Was much more difficult for the five of us to get out than to get in, but it was a fun time had by all and my personal thanks to the Alliance for being gracious hosts.

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