Friday, November 28, 2008

Been A While

Well, it has been a little bit of time since I put anything down on here. I apologize for this, but my time has been somewhat occupied by trying out the new Death Knight class and working on leveling my character. I also had to review the state of the guild and make adjustments to our officers and the direction of the guild. At any rate, that is all more side bar conversation. I did want to touch back on how things have gone for my Pali since I switched on some of those glyphs.
I tried really hard to like the healing over time glyph, but it crippled me so badly that I had to get rid of it. Being more of a main healer, I was not able to take advantage of using this properly, which is sad, I do believe it can be effective and I may return to it to give it a go as time goes on. I am excited because as a guild we are starting to gain more healers and this will allow me the opportunity to try new styles and methods of healing with my Pali, as well as, give me the ability to play some of my other characters who have not been receiving much attention.

My main issue with the heal over time glyph for the Pali, was the fact that it crippled the heal that I use the most and attempting to alternate between flash of light and holy light was all but impossible for five man runs. The issue was that the HoT did not generate more heals than if I was machinge gun/spamming flash of light. The other issue was that with the health of the tank dipping extremely low, waiting on holy light to hit was cutting it too close in my book, and the fact that it lowered my mana more than I was comfortable with. The thing that made me feel more uncomfortable about the mana going lower also had to deal with those moments where there is a bad pull. Under regular cicrcumstances, I just go into spam flash of light heal, my tinket procs increasing my casting speed, and no issues. With the HoT glyph attached, it was guaranteed someone was going to die, if not everyone. I am accustomed to making decisions on letting one member die for the greater good, but this was entirely different. Perhaps if you have the inscription profession on your holy pali it could work by simply switching glyphs based upon your needs, but with my pali being an alchemist it is neither cost effective or cheap to switch between having a HoT and being able to heal effective.

In closing I do not want to give a negative review of this system; however, it must be taken in the context of how we use the abilities. In my situation a HoT was something I desired, but not able to afford. I do see the value of this glyph, but as it would apply currently, I am unable to use it. My hope is that in the future they will give the pali a good HoT spell. It would be nice, but until then, we will just dream!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I do not know if I have mentioned this but I am the fearless leader of my guild. I know, don't you feel sorry for them now? Anyway, I have not seen any other leaders on here much speaking out, maybe because they do not deal with this issue as much as I have to. We are a smaller guild on our server, probably only a hundred accounts or so, and it saddens me whenever one of our members leave, whether it was just not a good fit or whatever the reason. I have come to adopt my guildmates as family. I will admit, most of them I know personally from having worked with them, but even those who live far away. I feel sad for them when they are sad and I get upset at them if they are acting up in the guild, much like I do with my own family.

Anyway, back on track, my thoughts for this post are rather simple really. Recently, Fish, has decided to hang up his shield and sword, and cast off his plate gear to take a "self imposed exile" as he says. It almost feels as though a member of the family has passed away. I realize that there is a good chance that he will return to us, and because I do work with him, it is not like we will not see each other. We actually talk often, use communications at work to stay in touch, and on those rare moments when the stars align perfectly, we are able to grab some food together; however, this does not replace the loss of one of our original memebers and a good tank that was showing much promise.

His decision has led me to reevaluate the guild as a whole and really look at are we meeting the needs of our members? It made me think about other guilds and wonder do they experience the same issues? Do other guild leaders and ranking officers have these moments? I resolved myself in the fact that I am sure that they do. I know from past experience that the size of the guild does not matter nearly as much as the quality of the guild, and while we are not the largest, we do have some quality people, both in game and out. I took the thoughts to the guild and asked for their feedback, and was surprised that many of them were extremely happy to be a part of our little "disfucntional family".

Still, I cannot help but feel sad whenever one of our members moves on. I want them all to know that we are here when they return and will accept them back into the family, no questions asked, nothing required.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, I know it is not some earth shattering news, but I did finally decided to start messing around with some of the glyphs. I held off on rushing out to find some for my Pali because I wanted to let the pricing come down for them. They appeared way overpriced on the auction house in consideration for what they could/could not do. So for my Pali I went with a glyph that cut my flash of light heal in half, but gave it a heal over time effect returning 140% of the lost heals. On top of this I placed the area effect glyph for Holy Light which gives 10% of the heal to those characters within 5 yards of the target.

It was difficult at first to tell if there was a benefit to the heals. After I first set up the glyphs, I went to grind some reputation and see if I could discern the effects of the glyphs. For solo play it worked out real nice. I would grab three or four mobs (being cautious at first) and wear them down, much the same way pali tanks like to aoe grind. I would pop a flash of light and get a nice heal coming back over time. I soon found myself popping it before I begun the fight and found that the damage I was taking was insignifigant; however, grinding mobs and healing raids are two completly different things.

A little while passed and some guild mates logged on and wanted to run the daily heroic for some badges. It is not the best way to farm for badges, but hey when everything is locked up till reset day, why not? Plus it helps the guild in the long run, not to mention allows me to check out the glyphs in a somewhat safe way. Although I do not know if I would call a heroic run a great time to change the entire mechanics of how one heals. So we headed in, and at first I have to admit I pretty much hated it. I was use to popping 2500+ flash of light and now it was cut in half? I was thinking what did I do to myself; however, talking it out with my tank, we were not wiping and he did not notice much of a difference as far as how he needed to play, so I kept the glyph set up. I soon found out the best way to use this configuration actually works well for a five man set up. I would start off cast the flash of light on the tank, giving him a good ten seconds of additional heals. If the damage incoming to him was mounting I would then cast Holy Light (which often time I never use because of the mana drain), which also popped small heals to the guild members who were in close fighting. This was proving to be somewhat effective, seeings as Blizz does not wish to give us a strong/legitinate heal over time spell or an effective area of effect heal.

This method was progressing well, but our ranged DPS would still take a pretty heavy hit and the smaller flash of light was not nearly effective for them. I then decided to play around again and cast my Beacon of Light on the highest DPS so that when I healed others in the area they would benefit as well. This seemed to prove effective for the rest of the run. I was able to heal the ranged DPS using Flash of Light and Beacon of Light, and the tank received solid heals from the combination of Flash of Light and Holy Light. The thing I found most interesting was that it allowed me to be much more mana effecient and not overheal, which if you ask any Holy Pali, that is always an issue. The real test will come when we try our luck with a raid. I think I may try to organize a Kara run for fun (and as a way of saying goodbye to an old friend, seeings as they nerfed down everything) to see how the healing set up works in raid situations. Usually when I take my Pali into a raid, it is healing a MT or OT, because that was about all that I could really focus on, unless we had more than two healers for ten man raids (which really slow downs the progression in my opinion). If anything interesting comes from it, I will report back in here; however, I think I will at least hold the current configuration until I hit 80 simply because it is a better set up for grinding and questing.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Through the Eyes of Another

In the first post I placed on here, I went over all my basic information. I really wanted to dive into some good subject matter but as I am sitting here thinking about the Holy Paladin and the different aspects of managing it and running it effectively, I started to think about a run last night which I had no part in. I mentioned yesterday that my wife plays and that she rolled a Paladin as well. Last night my guild was trying to get a run together for a few members who needed to do Mech. They had asked if I would go and I said I would, but honestly I was not feeling too into it. My wife was on and indicated she was interested in running Heroic Mech, as she has not had much experience with heroics, I thought it would be good for her. So I decided if they needed I could run one of my alts, well before I knew it the group filled up and away they went. Apparantly not needing my services, which did not upset me at all. It actually gave me the opportunity to watch someone run an instance for the first time. My wife does a great job as a Paladin and has taken a completely different way of arriving at 70, as well as, getting her gear.

My method was go fast and hard to 70. When my Pali hit 58 I immediately dropped all old world quests and went to outland where I ground mobs, quests, and dungeons, on my way to 70. I had some regret over this afterwards, but that is for another time. My wife; however, took her time, she would run stuff she wanted to and spent plenty of time experiencing the journey to 70, both the good and bad. Last night was no different. Our set up for our computers is almost right next to each other, which allows me to stop and help her (or yell, unfortunately at times......we are all human). Even before the group began to run, she stated she did not like the fact that I was not there to hold the guild members in line and make sure things remained as smooth as possible. I reassured her things would be fine. She had one of our best tanks in the guild, who has much experience and has been playing WoW much longer than I have, a geared rogue with good experience, a veteran player who rolled a new ret pali (which she is working on learning to play effectively), and a prot pali who was there for gear and the experience of the run. They started off fairly good and while they had trouble at certain times (and who wouldn't with taking to prot specs on a heroic run), but they managed to complete the run. When the final boss dropped, my wife had a look of accomplishment, happiness, and relief on her face. It was one of the first times she has ran something as the main healer without me being in a group. It was amazing to see the confidence that one simple run gave her, and also the since of accomplishment that she felt. It was a great thing to see, and in some ways, it is ashame that more of us "veteran" players do not get to experience the newness of these moments.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Well hello there!

Come on in and take a look around. I know there is not much to see right now, but this is a new experience for me. So I hope you enjoy my perspective on things. My friend, Fish, got me reading Blogs and I must say I love a lot of the articles I have read, but I noticed that poor Holy Paladins are not represented a whole lot, so I figured I would shed some light (no pun intended there) on life in the boots of a Holy Pali.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my life in game and out of game. We will start with the out of game stuff first, since that tends to take up a lot of time. I am a married man, hard to believe that I am in my thirties, and I have a little boy, who is a blast to watch as he thinks of all the trouble and things that he can get into. I like to think of myself as out going and friendly, some people may say that I am somewhat moody, but I do not see this. In my house I have four generations of my family living with me, so you can imagine this can get complicated keeping up with who is coming, going, or missing...... (so far, no one is missing.) I love life and while the last couple of years have been somewhat of an adjustment, I truly believe that what does not kill you, will only make you strong. I have two dogs, one full blooded Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Healer) and a mut.

Now for the World of Warcraft stuff, seeings as this is going to be a blog for MMORPGs, specifically looking at WoW. My first character, and true love was a paladan. I originaly started him out as a retribution pali, but had to abandon this in Outland to get in groups. I switched to prot and realized I hated tanking. I then found my true love as a healer, but don't tell my guild or they may not ever let me run my other toons on runs. I have been playing WoW for almost three years now. I cannot believe it has been this long. Speaking of other toons, let me give you the run down of my little disfunctional family. I have my level 70 Blood Elf Pali, a level 70 Blood Elf Warlock (who my wife says is the pissiest lock around), a level 70 Blood Elf Hunter, a level 70 Troll Shaman, a level 52 Troll Rogue (my newest project), and a host of other toons ranging from 12 - 40. I have three accounts on a monthly basis that I pay to keep up and running, of course my wife did take over one entire account (and let me throw a shout out to her, she has a level 70 Blood Elf Pali as well).

When I first got into the game it was because I was lonely in the gaming world, having given up EQ quite sometime before I heard of WoW. I was at work all the time and a group of friends were always laughing about the game, so I figured what the hell. That was all it took to get me hooked. When I first started playing I joined them in their guild, which was a fun guild, decent size and somewhat active. After playing for sometime and recruiting several of my own friends, we decided to form a guild on the side for fun, more of a joke against where we all worked at the time. Sometime later the main guild that the majority of us were in closed down. With no other course of action, we moved all of our toons into MAS (Mass Affluent Slayers) and from then on we have worked to grow the guild and have fun in the World of Warcraft!

I know this has been a lot of information to take in. A lot of rambling at times perhaps, but now you know who I am and some basic information. After reading all the wonderful blogs on here, I hope someone enjoys mine as much as I have enjoyed all of yours. On the next entry I will deal more with what I plan to make of this blog in relation to being a holy healing machine of a Paladin.

Take care all!